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Searching for real estate in Maryland? You've come to the right place! Our expert RE/MAX agents can help you find the perfect home in the region of your choice. No one has more experience selling homes in the Maryland area than Associate Broker, Nick Carras!



  • Feb 21 2013

    Steady Market Gains Ahead

    Modest economic growth and an improving job picture bode well for both residential and commercial real estate.

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  • Frederick. North Creek Subdivision!

    Frederick. North Creek Subdivision!

    $329,000 Show Beautifully!

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I am sold on this man, just a surely as our house sold under his watchful supervision. I have been in the military for many years and now practice dentistry for the Veterans Administration. My family and I have been relocated many times, and thus have been involved in many home sale transactions. Accept the voice of experience and satisfaction from someone who has "been there and done that". You're on "Easy Street" with Nick on your side.

Eric W. Kramer, DDS

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