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Searching for real estate in Maryland? You've come to the right place! Our expert RE/MAX agents can help you find the perfect home in the region of your choice. No one has more experience selling homes in the Maryland area than Associate Broker, Nick Carras!



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I have known Nick for over 30 years, so when my wife , Marybeth and I, newly married, were ready to buy our first home, I knew who to call. Nick's patience, knowledge and experience were invaluable in our search. When either he or I came across a property for him to check out, Nick always came as soon as possible. When viewing the various properties, he knew all the trouble spots to steer us away from. We love our house, and in these days of multiple offers and counter offers, expediency is utmost. Nick was there when we needed him. I'm sure he will be there for you.

Gary and Marybeth Markwood

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